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Wet Weather Gear and Boots

Stormline, Blundstone, Bata, Burke, Swallow. Aprons, Gloves, Arm Protectors and more! Every type and style and size of commercial glove for commercial and recreational fishing. Sailing gloves, ice gloves, shoulder gloves, elbow gloves. Too many to list. Please phone if you don't see what you need.

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Aprons Heavy Duty PVC

Heavy duty PVC aprons. Food grade and water proof, suitable for cutting and gutting fish/meat.


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Arm Guards


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Chemguard Blundstone Boots

We also sell Bekina, Bata, Blundstone, Burke and other work and marine boots. All sizes and styles available. Best prices.


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Swallow Wet Weather Full Set

Excellent value from this Korean Swallow Wet Weather Gear. This is the most popular set for professional crew on commercial Tuna and Swordfish Fleets. The full set costs less than either half of the premium brands.