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Knives, Scissors and Hand Tools

Knives, sharpening stones, diamond sharpeners--many brands and dozens of sizes and shapes. Gut brushes, hand tools, etc... Everything you need for commercial, sport or hobby fishing. Splicers, fids, net needles, tools. Too many to list. Please phone or email if you don't see what you need.

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Gut Brush

Gut brush. Used to clean the cavity of the fish . Very strong bristles made from hard nylon with a wooden handle.


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Heavy Duty Fuji Scissors

Heavy Duty Fuji Cutters.


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Japanese Magiri Knife

We stocks dozens and dozens of best-quality knives. Best prices in Australia.


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Kam-lock Fish Saw

Nobody stocks more marine hardware than we do. We have blades and spares for everything we sell.


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We stock an incredibly large range of Knives, stone sharpeners, diamond sharpeners, sheathes, etc. Best prices in Australia on the highest quality commercial fishing knives.

Call for Price: (07) 5478 1033

Sharpening Stone

We stock dozens and dozens of knives, sharpening stones, diamong steel sharpeners, electric sharpeners. Best prices in Australia.


Victory Tuna Knife

Used by all professional Tuna fishermen.


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Wire Cutters C-7

Heavy duty professional C-7 Wire Cutters


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