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Genuine GloLead® Ocean Blue 60-gram

Brand: Gloweez

Price: $1.32

NEW!!! Please look at this new innovative lead sinker for Longliners and other serious fishermen. In Australia, all longliners are required to have a 60-gram lead swivel within 3.5 meters of the hook to help the bait sink quickly to avoid catching birds and turtles. AFMA (the Australian Fisheries Management Authority) has recently passed a new regulation for the dead-bait sector of the fishery allowing 40-gram weights placed within ½ meter of the hook. GloLeads® are a new idea invented by some Mooloolaba fisherman and a brilliant AFMA scientist. Our new 40-gram GloLead® weighs only 40 grams but sinks faster than previous 60-gram leaded swivels due to the close proximity of the lead to the hook. There is no swivel so you have two fewer crimps to make for every snood. The branchline feeds directly through a hole through the GloLead® using no crimps. Because it places 40 grams right at the hook, your baited hook will sink even faster than a snood with an old 60-gram swivel 3 meters from the hook.

The original Australian inventors have asked us to distribute their new GloLeads®. Fishing International is the sole and exclusive distributor for this exciting new invention. The new invention was originally called LumoLead by the original inventors but is now called GloLead®. We now have BOTH 40-gram and 60-gram in stock ready to ship. The GloLead® is a money-saving, much safer alternative to existing leaded barrel swivels. They are available in 40-gram and 60-gram weights. They look identical. The 40-gram GloLead® has an empty cavity in the base that will fit over a crimp at the hook making the crimp invisible. The 60-gram GloLead® is filled with lead to the end of the tube. The 60-gram GloLead® can be placed anywhere on the branchline within 3.5 meters of the hook.

One other potential improvement will be the fact that IF the line breaks in front of the hook, the GloLead® and hook will not fly back at the boat. Standard 60-gram swivels can be very dangerous if a fish bites the line or if the line breaks under tension. Standard 60-gram leaded swivels have been known to fly back to the boat at very high speed damaging boats or injuring crew. Because this new GloLead® invention sits right at the hook, if the line breaks further up, the GloLead® will not fly back at all. The GloLead® is designed to slide up the line away from the hook while a fish is fighting. If the hook then tears out of the fish's mouth, the GloLead® is designed to safely release the energy of the stretched line and prevent the hook and weight from flying back at the boat. All prudent operators and fishermen should consider the safety of their crew under all circumstances. If a weighted hook pulls out of a fish's mouth with any weight still attached while the line is still under tension, the lead and hook might fly back to the boat. But the new GloLead® is designed to reduce the chance of a dangerous fly-back in both 40-gram and 60-gram versions.

60-gram GloLeads® come in boxes of 100 and cartons of two inner boxes (200 GloLeads® total shipping weight 14.1kg)



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